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Welcome to Pool 250, the Newest way to bet on Football and Horse Racing

POOL 250 is as a fully licensed online pool betting company that offers a new and innovative way to bet on Football and Horse Racing. Our ethos strives towards bringing innovation and excellent value to our customers through our modern online web and mobile betting platform. This is not about offering value through the complicated introductory offers or bookmaker concessions that currently flood the betting industry; we are giving punters proper value through our exciting betting products. POOL 250 was created by punters for punters and we believe we know what our customers want most is excitment to get a good run for their money. Our concept has been developed from the the two biggest (and oldest) frustrations in betting:

  • Getting a loser early on and therefore ending your bet before it barely starts.
  • One selection letting your bet down.

POOL 250 not only provides a solution to these age old frustrations through our exciting betting products but we have also created a betting platform that promotes a much safer way to gamble on sport.

What sets us apart..

  • Someone always wins: multiple daily winners in every league.
  • Amazing value: One small stake, big return and your bet runs for the whole meeting.
  • Losing selection(s) don't matter: Players can still achieve enough points from other races to still win the cash, giving you a proper run for your money.
  • Exciting: Players can view their progress race by race competing against other players moving up the league trying to hit those pay-out places.
  • Pay-outs are fair: 1st place wins the biggest dividend, 2nd wins the second biggest dividend and until all the pay-out places are paid out. The more that enter, the more players that win!

Innovative online pool betting

All of our products & competitions start with a £2.50 entry stake and for a small stake, as a punter you will have hours of excitment with our real time, interactive daily leagues.

Online Horse Racing pools

Our flagship racing product is our Daily Racing Leagues. We create Daily Racing Leagues for all UK & Irish race meetings.

To enter, you simply choose a race meeting, pick a horse from each race and enter the league. You and your selections are then entered into a league against other players in the Pool 250 Community. Entry closes for each league one minute before the first race is scheduled to start. Players can enter as many times as they choose and can enter friends on their behalf.

Once a league starts, points are then awarded for where each of your selections finishes in each race.
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Online pool betting league
Online pool betting league

Online Football pools

Our Super Goals football pools is fast and exciting!

To enter, you simply pick the 6 fixtures where you predict lots of goals. You and your selections are then entered into a league against other players in the Pool 250 Community.

Once a league starts, sit back and watch the goals fly in live! Points are then awarded for each goal scored and bonus points can be earned if both teams score, you earn over 5 goals in a match and if you can predict the number of half time goals.
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