How it works


Points for finishing position:
  • 1st = 10 points
  • 2nd = 7 points
  • 3rd = 5 points
  • 4th = 2 points
Bonus points (Price of horse):
  • Under 4/1 = 0 Bonus points
  • 4/1 to under 10/1 = 3 Bonus points
  • 10/1 to under 16/1 = 4 Bonus points
  • 16/1 and over = 5 Bonus points

Bonus points only awarded for races with 5 or more runners.

We believe there is more skill in selecting a big price placed horse than selecting a short price favourite to win, so we reward this with bonus points. It is The Top Tipster Leagues after all!

The player with the most bonus points finishes in the higher position. Again we reward the braver selections at higher prices. So make sure you look for value.

If any winning positions are tied like this, the prize funds for each tied winning position are totalled together and divided equally by the amount of tied winning positions involved.

Of Course! Just before a league starts, the pool funds are calculated for all leagues and the prize funds are shown next to the league positions in each league. The amount of winning places depends on the number of entries in that league.

The more players that enter, the bigger the prize funds and the more places are paid out. So be sure to tell all your friends!

You can also check on the current pool funds before a league begins by clicking on the £ icon which you will find on the header of the league you have entered.

Yes! This is a great option if you fancy more than one runner in any races and to double your chance of winning!

Once you have entered a league once, you will be presented with the option of “Enter league again”. Click on this and you will be taken back to the race card, select your horses and re-enter the league stake again.

Now type in a league name (this will be your username just for this league) and then click enter league

Yes, simply click on “Create private league”. You choose the meeting, enter your selections and choose the stake league and then click “Create league”. This will create a unique code number that you can send to your friends. All they have to do is click “Enter private league” and enter the code you sent them.

You can invite your friends by selecting them from your friends list on your dashboard. The more friends you invite, the bigger the prize funds and the more places that are paid out.

Why not use our chat box once a league starts by clicking on the “chat” icon (chat bubble) in the header of the league. This is a great way to meet and banter with the competitors in your leagues. Simply add their username to your friends list and invite them along to the next private league you create.

Yes, this is fantastic idea if you’re out with your friends who don’t have an account.

Simply create a private league by selecting a meeting and the league stake. Then enter the league again for your friend and ask them to select their horses. Now type in their league name (username just for this league) and get them to give you the stake in cash! Repeat this process until all your mates are entered (and paid you) and you now have a full afternoon of fun and entertainment with your friends!

Every league must have at least 2 players entered for the league to run.

All stakes are refunded to the players in any leagues which have less than 2 players entered at close of entry. All leagues are locked approximately 5 minutes before a meeting commences.

To become an Ultimate Top Tipster a player must equal or exceed a "total league points target" 10 times in any given month. This target is set at the beginning of each month depending on the performance of players from the previous month.

Once you become an Ultimate Top Tipster, you will receive an invite to join into the Ultimate Top Tipster league which is held at the end of every month at a meeting of our choice. The prize funds and pay-out positions will be calculated before the event.

As an Ultimate Top Tipster, you will also be recognised in the leagues you enter with an Ultimate Top Tipster’s rosette next to your username. This is where your competitors can bow down you!

Once the month finishes, all players start a fresh the following month and the race to become an Ultimate Top Tipster that month begins again.

The leagues currently work from both "passed the post" and official results (weighed in). Passed the post results are generally very quick but positions can change pending the officail result which usually takes approx 10 minutes after a race to be published. If there is a stewards enquiry, it can take longer.